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    Check out our new office!

    We had help from awesome designers to help us create the perfect space!

    Here is our play area complete with new toys, games and books!


    We have so much more space and the office is so open and bright!

    (We even brought the prize tower)
     We love our new space and we can not wait for you to see it yourself!

    As one of our goals over the course of the next year, we want to turn our focus outward and help charities, organizations, and foundations that could use our help!  We were inspired to start this initiative with a donation to St. Jude after watching this video.
    One Last Christmas
    In order for you to help us with our donation we would like to donate an additional dollar for each like we get on facebook.  In order to like our page, click on the facebook link on the left side of our website which will bring you to our facebook page then click like.  Pass along this information to your friends and family and we will see how many likes we can get!



    As the holiday season approaches we thought you could get to know us a little better by learning a few of our favorite things. Please leave us a comment with your favorite things!

    Dr. Simons

    Cookies – Ginger Snaps

    Holiday Activity – Shopping!

    Tradition – Setting up the village under the Christmas Tree

    Movie – Pride and Prejudice


    Cookies – Sugar Cookies with Icing

    Holiday Activity – Celebrating our anniversary weekend

    Tradition – Putting a puzzle together

    Movie – The Vow

    New Movie Release – Twilight


    Cookies – Oreos with red filling

    Holiday Activity – Going to Denver Zoo Lights

    Tradition – Having new Pjs to open and wear on Christmas Eve

    Movie – Serendipity

    New Movie Release – Hunger Games


    Cookies – Ginger Cookies from Indulge Bakery

    Holiday Activity – Christmas Eve Dinner

    Tradition – Staying in Pajamas all day on Christmas

    Movie – Little Women

    New Movie Release – Les Miserables


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    We will be relocating within the next few weeks. Our goal is to be in our new office starting in October. Be sure and call if you have an appointment around this time and have questions about which location to go to.

    New Address:

    Simons Pediatric Dentistry
    1780 S Bellaire St, Ste 655
    Denver, Colorado 80222

    Phone: 303.758.0223

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